Sunday, September 27, 2009


thankyou for making me realise i can never talk to anyone about anything again.
thankyou for letting me never trust another person in my life again.
thankyou for turning love into hate.
trust into nothing.
everything we had as a friendship is gone.
you taught me alot. but its gone now.
there's nothing left.

so here's to you my friend.
thanks for nothing.

Hello, I'm Delaware.

So there goes my life,
Passing by with every exit sign.
It's been so long,
Sometimes I wonder how I will stay strong.
No sleep tonight,
I'll keep on driving these dark highway lines.
And as the moon fades,
One moment gone, only twenty more days.

But I will see you again,
I will see you again,
a long time from now.

And there goes my life,
Passing by with every departing flight.
And its been so hard,
So much time so far apart.
And she walks the night.
How many hearts will die tonight?
And will things have changed?
I guess I'll find out in seventeen days.

But I will see you again,
I will see you again,
a long time from now.

My body aches,
And it hurts to sing.
No one is moving.
And I wish that I weren't here tonight,
But this is my life.

And I will see you again,
I will see you again,
a long time from now

And I will see you again
I will see you again a long time from now

Friday, September 25, 2009

muckup day.

Today is muckup day.
Kill me.

End of blog.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

beautifull day & end of exams.

Hey there.
I just had a water fight with my puppy.
I decided it would be a nice day to come home from my final exam of year 11 and wash all of the dust off the house and driveway + steps from yesturday's dust storm.
Which i woke up to at 6am from a message from my boyfriend telling me to look outside.
So i looked and i couldn't even see the tree outside my window. Everything was orange.
Pretty sure everybody thaught the world was ending. All of a sudden over night the dust had gotten spread all over the state and everything was washed away with this dirty icky orange dust. Anyone who set food outside was blown away with the wind and got to taste how lovely this dust was.
Check it out! This photo was taken at a beach at 6am!

Anyway so I came home today and started to hose everything at the front down, then moved onto the back.
My dog decided to chase me around as i was hosing the house so i wet him.
This turned into a 20 minute water fight with my dog chasing him around the backyard laughing and giggling.
I was alone. MY neighbours probly think I'm insane. But it was fun.
Now im waiting on a message from my boyfriend telling me he's finished work so he can come and pick me up :).

Tomorrow is muck up day. Please help me.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


soundwave & the used.

I have obtained my soundwave 2010 and the used ticket's.

End of blog.

Friday, September 18, 2009

save your scissors.

So go on
And I will refrain
And I'll keep on running this neverending race
Well maybe next time will be the right time
And maybe next time will be your time

So save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
i dont think the blade will dig in save your strength save your wasted time theres no way that i want you to be left behind
go on and save your scissors
save your scissors

So why does it always seem
That every time I turn around
Somebody falls in love with me
This has never been my sole intention
And I have never claimed
to have patents on such inventions

Just save your scissors
For someone else's skin
My surface is so tough
I don't think the blade will dig in
Save your strength
Save your wasted time
There's no way that I want you to be left behind
Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors

There is something that I must confess to you tonight
To you tonight
And that is I expect nothing less from you tonight
From you tonight

Go on save your scissors
Save your scissors
Save your scissors

Thursday, September 17, 2009


So just a short blog.
But can somebody out there tell me why maths is so boring?
Like honestly, how can you enjoy sitting there for hours in a day studying the same thing over and over.
Thus saying this because I just studied maths for two hours and still find it utterly boring..

So please, explain?

long weekend!

I seem to have obtained a puppy. His name is ollie and he likes to sit on my lap quite often.
We have daily meetings, where he falls asleep on me.
He's quite a good friend.

So right now I'm currently over the moon.
It's 12 22pm and i have a long weekend.
The rest of this afternoon and the next three days shall be swell.
Study tonight with the boyfriend. Study tomorrow. See the boyfriend saturday and study on sunday.
My life is quite swell.

Also, my hospitality exam today. FAIL.
That is all.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


everything just feels so wrong. nothing feels right. not even closing my eyes to try and sleep ill work.
do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try and pick out whats wrong you still cant get it?
even when you need that person to help you. to talk to you. feel your pain with you. cuddle you and kiss you.
you just get to the point where you're stuck.
nothing can fix this.

no matter what i do right now i just cant find the spot to make me sleep. i feel so spaced out. so jaded.

i think its time for me to try again.


smile because it makes me smile. laugh because it makes me laugh. dance untill your hearts content. mine will be too. simply because your happy, so im happy. but then again, i smile easily, laught even easier and always dance like noones watching. happyness is an everyday occurance.


Is there ever a point in someone's life where they don't feel alone?
Honestly, I can't think of a time where I never felt alone.
As you sit in your room my dear, you stare as the screen as you type.
Your fingers will run across the keys as you're writing your heart out to the boy you love.
Till you realise, you are alone.
You start to write even faster and deeper.
You don't want to be alone anymore.
You try your hardest to get to this boy.
Then you stop, take a breath and realise, you still need him.
Yet you still feel alone.
Even when you have that person.
Fingers running across the keyboard again but for a different purpose this time.
He's not with you. You want him, you need him.
You feel alone and there is nothing you can do.
You cuddle the teddy he gave you. He is still here.

You realise. Being alone can sometimes be good.

City and Colour.

I wake up everymorning and turn on city and colour, repeat this process before I go to bed, walk with them, shower with them blairing out of my room.

I must quote.
"So go on and i will refrain. And ill keep on running this never ending race."

So tell me my dear. Where would you be without mellow music in your life today?


Bestfriends are pretty awesome.


Today Adam and I decided that we are going to buy mice and call them salt and pepper.
Mine will be white and his will be black.
I also decided that im going to paint my nails dark brown today.
Then shower and study more.

It raining outside.
Does anyone not like rain?
I love it :).

I also want a polar bear.
I'm going to adopt one

no motivation.

So I currently have exams. Mind you I'm not even studying for half of them properly. Mainly because I have no motivation what so ever.
On the other hand, people are annoying.
I hate people on the best of days. Unless they mean alot to me, I dont care about them.
I've also realised latley that alot of people seem to be hating on me.
Then others turned around and stopped hating on me.

Boyfriends are good to have when you need them. Atleast you know someone loves you.