Thursday, September 24, 2009

beautifull day & end of exams.

Hey there.
I just had a water fight with my puppy.
I decided it would be a nice day to come home from my final exam of year 11 and wash all of the dust off the house and driveway + steps from yesturday's dust storm.
Which i woke up to at 6am from a message from my boyfriend telling me to look outside.
So i looked and i couldn't even see the tree outside my window. Everything was orange.
Pretty sure everybody thaught the world was ending. All of a sudden over night the dust had gotten spread all over the state and everything was washed away with this dirty icky orange dust. Anyone who set food outside was blown away with the wind and got to taste how lovely this dust was.
Check it out! This photo was taken at a beach at 6am!

Anyway so I came home today and started to hose everything at the front down, then moved onto the back.
My dog decided to chase me around as i was hosing the house so i wet him.
This turned into a 20 minute water fight with my dog chasing him around the backyard laughing and giggling.
I was alone. MY neighbours probly think I'm insane. But it was fun.
Now im waiting on a message from my boyfriend telling me he's finished work so he can come and pick me up :).

Tomorrow is muck up day. Please help me.

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